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Be Union ≈ Be Smart

If you want to get more involved in. your union, then check out The Labor Studies Program of the Community College of Baltimore County, which is training hundreds of union staff, officers and members to be stronger, smarter union leaders.

The Program offers college credit courses and continuing education workshops. Since this program offers a college degree, you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement from your employer.

These classes can be offered live via interactive television, so you can go to school wherever you live. If you can get 18 of your coworkers together, you can have your own class–anywhere, any time.

We are putting together our Fall 2003, semester schedule of Labor Studies credit classes and non-credit workshops. Your interest will help set an attractive schedule. Just return this form to us.

YES – I am interested in taking these classes (please check your choices)

  • Grievance and Arbitration-how to enforce your union contract
  • Collective Bargaining-how to negotiate a new contract
  • Organizing-how to bring new members into your union
  • Labor Law I-The National Labor Relations Act
  • Lobbying and Political Action-building a political movement
  • Labor History-where we came from, where we are going
  • Labor in the Movies-how workers appear in feature movies
  • Safety and Health-how to protect our workplaces
  • Labor and the Economy-on-line for the first time!!
  • Special one-day workshops-Workers Comp, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning

If interested, Please fill in one of the forms below:


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